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Over 40 Years of
 Excellent Service

     Duarte Sales was establised in 1980 shortly after Eric Duarte graduated from Fort Smith Auction School. Since its establishment Duarte Sales has gone on to sell and represent some of the nations most progressive seed stock breeders in the cattle industry. Duarte Sales specializes in horse, livestock, farm and equipment sales in the west and beyond.

     Eric and Nikki have been married for 25 years and have two wonderful children, Madison and Ty. Eric and family are involved in every aspect of the livestock industry, including raising commercial cattle, registered quarter horses, livestock brokerage, video sales and auctioneering.

     Eric and Nikki both have deep roots in the cattle industry, with Eric being a 3rd generation cattlemen from the San Joaquin Valley, and Nikki coming from 4 generations of livestock producers from Tehama and Modoc County.

Photo By
Celeste Settrin
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